Breeding Protocol

A sustainable breeding protocol involved efforts from both veterinarians and dog breeders. Working together with vets and our colleagues in kennel practices, we draw our protocol from scientific principles and practical experiences. Breeding practices at Cumulus Shiba imply pre-breeding genetic tests to verify the Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) to ensure there are no genetic health issues. All lab tests reports are claimed from The University of California, Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. Each year, the breeding program will be constructed according to the age of each dog, health status of each dog, COI, and desirable appearance of each dog.

Adult Shibas will speed an average of 2 hours of exercise per day except for the extreme weather conditions. Adult Shibas will be trained throughout their lifespan to approach the right temperament. Red-Yellow-Green (RYG) scoring system (See Table 1)* will be used to testify dog’s temperament for adjustment in our training. For example, dog reaction toward a stranger, traffic corn, another dog, etc., will be recorded based on RYG scoring. For providing you with the best suitable puppies to join your family, basic socialization will be implied at the age of 6-7 weeks. We highly recommend that our owners continue to enroll in your puppies training&socilaztion practices.

Table 1
Table 1. The Red-Yellow-Green (RYG) scoring system.

  • Barnard S, Flint H, Shreyer T, Croney C (2021) Evaluation of an easy-to-use protocol for assessing behaviors of dogs retiring from commercial breeding kennels. PLOS ONE 16(8): e0255883.

Our kennel physical settings intend to address a healthy and livable environment for our beloved Shibas. They will ensure they have enough space for playing, exercising, and socializing with their peers. Adult Shibas are also kennel trained and are offered a cage as their own personal space.