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get to know our puppies>

<which pair intrest to you

Application & deposit>

  • Please research the breed before applying, and feel free to reach out with any questions or quires; 

  • Fill out the application form with your puppy preference [sex, colour, specific pair, temperament, energy level etc.] 

  • Once the application has been approved, we will request a non-refundable deposit.

<The birth of new puppies

A portfolio of each puppy will be set up after the birth, and potential new owners with receive weekly updates/or vital calls by appointment till the puppy go to the new home. 

To the forever home>

As a safety measure, puppy delivery will be either carried by us in the cabin or picked up in person. We generally do not accept puppies being transported via a third-party service. 


04 -b

beyond champions

To the best of health and stability at the individual puppy and population level

Studies show that specific pedigree dog breeds often have high levels of inbreeding and a notable incidence of inherited diseases. Preserving genetic diversity presents a significant challenge in purebred breeding initiatives, especially in breeds like the Shiba Inu that were faced near-extinction and were restored from a small population. To address this, we emphasize maintaining a higher ratio of sires to dams in our breeding practices to ensure sustainable management of inbreeding rates. This approach involves systematically mating diverse sires from different bloodlines with our dams, aiming to relief the impacts from selective breeding in most pure breed dog. 



04 -C

ethical breeding

Breeding rights must be controlled to ensure animal welfare, prevent genetic defects and retain and improve the bloodline. That required a thorough understanding of the breed's and the bloodlines' health and genetic concerns, structure, temperament, and type. We would therefore like to retain the breeding right with the exception of collaborating with experienced breeder in term of breed preservation, or humanitarian exceptions. 

for breeder

special condition

Please contact us for a more detailed arrangement of breeding rights. 

Only a few exceptions are made for individuals who raised their Shiba as a family pet to breed their dog with conditions. 

beyond the

04 -D

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Puppies are living, breathing beings, and our goal is to provide the best puppy to join your family for a lifelong journey. You deserve the best companion along the lifelong journey. Our Shibas have won their titles in Nihon Ken Hozonkai Overseas Clubs, FCI, and CKC confirmation shows in National level and will continue to put our efforts into improving and preserving this breed. The bloodline we are preserving is among the primitive factions of Shiba Inu preservation after World War II. The goal is to be representatives of the breed, ensuring that every puppy from our lines will be the consist with the nature of this breed. Working collaboratively with veterinarian institutions and local animal health professionals, we aim to address a systematic health management that supports the overall health and wellness of all dogs, migrating the impacts from selective breeding. Efforts such as periodic nutritional assessments, indoor/outdoor fitting practices, annual examinations, K9 physical rehabilitation aids, and ophthalmology veterinary specialty supports are being carried out in 2020 for each individual Shibas that joined our program best to promote overall physical health and well-being. 
We recognize Shibas are a native breed, which means they enjoy the freedom of discovering the natural world; thus, country-style yards and occasionally hiking tasks are provided to support the nature of Shibas as native hunt dogs in the thickets. While our Shibas enjoy their life in the country yard, all puppies that come of age will be brought to the urban environment for a better socialization procedure. 

Application considerations are not fully based on material conditions and past experiences. Though Shiba Inus are energetic dogs that require adequate exercise, a fenced yard might help relieve their energy. Snuffle games, hide-and-seek mind puzzles, etc., can all help to fulfill their daily life with mandatory walking. Thus, the efforts you put in before adopting a new member are the most valuable in establishing a trusting relationship between all parties. We might ask for the knowledge you have on this breed and are also more than happy to provide any information during the consulting stage. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into adopting a Shiba. 

Roughly range of price: 3500 CAD- 4500 CAD

to ensure we breed Shiba that best For you 

because they 
deserve the best

because you deserve the best

Puppies went to their new families with: 

- Genetic diseases inspections of parental dogs 

- General healthy certification from veterinarians

- Up-to-age shots and deworns 

- Up-to-age training (petline training focuses more on socialization, while the champion line will be taking extra training in manners of stability)

- Individually puppy profiles (observation of body movements, temperaments, habits, food choices, and playing preferences)

- Litters registration paper

- Non-breeding register papers.

*All the above documentation will be provided when we meet our potential owners in person upon delivery or pickup, except the Non-breeding register papers. The process of registering a dog under the new owner's name will start the day of the transfer, and all dogs born in Canada will be registered within six months or less of the date of sale. Export certified pedigrees take longer to prepare since translations and export permits are required. 

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