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Our Shibas


Our Shibas have won their titles in Nihon Ken Hozonkai Overseas Clubs and FCI confirmation shows during the past 15 years and have achieved BOB (Best of the Breed), BOS (Best of Opposite Sex), Best Puppy in the show, Best in the Group. This page will constantly update as a result of modifications and the selection of dogs in our breeding plans. A Shiba joining our breeding program undergoes strict selection; we modify potential puppies until they reach a mature age to determine whether a Shiba will be accepted. Unselected Shiba at a young age might also be available for retirement as a family pet. Please check our retried Shiba page for more info. 


Chun quan ju long

  • CKA 58th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • Champion​

  • bloodline

    • Sire:​鹿鳴の駒錦號


Yun Hai kun peng

  • CKA 54th- B.O.S
    TKA 20151213 National show B.O.B
    CKA 49th- B.O.B
    TKA 20150308 National show Best in Group (B.I.G)
    TKA 20141207 National show B.O.B
    CKA 47th- Best in Group (B.I.G)
    CKA 46th – Best Puppy in Breed

  • bloodline:

    • sire: ​天城徹譽

    • dam: 雲海桜真



shan nai cheng

  • KCT 28th Taiwan Shiba Inu Club

    • 2nd on group​

  • KCT 26th Taiwan Shiba Inu Club

    • 2nd on group​

  • KCT 25th Taiwan Shiba Inu Club

    • 2nd on group​

  • CKA 57th Shiba Inu club 

    • 3rd on group​

  • TKA 31th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • 3rd on group​

  • TKA 30th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • 2nd on group​

  • TKA 27th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • 2nd on group​

  • 2020 TKA national show

    • champion​

    • B.O.B

  • bloodline:

    • sire:山竜号

    • dam:九州の華娘号


Hiyoribo Qin

  • bloodline:

    • sire: ​Bao Long Hao

    • dam: Chiang Hu Li Hsing



Feng mei Ji

  • 2022 TKA 59th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • 1st on group

  • 2021 28th KCT Taiwan Shiba Club 

    • champion 

    • B.O.B

  • 2021 CKA  31th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • 2nd on group​

  • 2021 CKA 30th Shiba Inu breed judging

    • 3rd on group​​​

  • bloodline

    • sire: 壽豐竜號​

    • dam:祥順の美玲號



hong nu 

  • bloodline:

    • sire: ​雲海將門

    • dam:雲海九鳳


Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 8.25.35 PM.png


  • bloodline:

    • sire: 雲海鯤鵬

    • dam:雲海真水


ying Hua

  • will join our breeding plan on 2024

  • bloodline:

    • sire: ​純犬の駒龍號

    • dam:祥順之豊美姬號


Screen Shot 2022-12-18 at 1.44.56 PM.png
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