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2024 Fall

​Jiang Jiang X CHang le


  • Due to Lele's false pregnancy of the spring plan this year, we have the opportunity to reintroduce her with JiangJiang as the fall plan this year. The approximate timeline is Aug 2024, depending on the heat cycles and individual dogs.

  • Puppies could be going home at the age of 8-10 weeks, which is Oct 2024, depending on the new family's expectations.

  • Puppies can be picked up or delivered based on the rate of the selected airline on a selected day.

chang le

  • bloodline:

    • sire: ​​山乃

    • dam: 祥順の若梅

  • 2024 

    • All Breeds Championship

      • 1st in class 

      • Best of winners


  •  Shiba Inu Specialty 

    • 2023 Nov 3rd in Puppy 

  • bloodline:

    • sire: ​祥顺​の澈嵐

    • dam: 祥顺​の葵美姬

Jiang Jiang

祥順澈將      Nihon Ken Hozonkai Championship

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