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Shiba is one of the healthiest breeds. There have fewer health concerns in general at a young age, and a healthy lifestyle will also help to prevent age-related degenerative diseases. 


Shibas held a confident, fearless, cheerful and independent deposition. Comtanprary Shiba enjoys family life with people of all ages, and they are particularly playful with children. Like cats, Shiba Inus love to keep their bodies clean, and often use their tongues to clean their feet and legs. Though they are playful and energetic, Shiba Inu usually adapts quickly to indoor life with appropriate mental stimulation.



Shibas don't bark much but sometimes make alert "Pufu" like sounds. Generally, shibas are one of the quietest breeds; thus, they are also good for an apartment lifestyle when daily exercise is fulfilled.

Pristine Blood



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